Isla Mosquito

On a tiny volcanic island, a village lost in time, it's inhabitants completely isolated from the mainland, and a volcano about to awake...


Isla Mosquito is a show of puppets and gestural theatre, a bittersweet comedy whose aesthetic draws from the world of illustration, and which employs a theatrical language reminiscent of silent film.


A journey through human relations, the memories, intimacy and secrets of characters facing the inevitability of their fate.


Premiere: 2011

I Racconti della Lumaca

I Racconti della Lumaca (Snail tales) is a guided-tour show. Set in the five "places of the soul" of Pennabilli (created by Master Tonino Guerra) and its historical centre, this voyage offers stories and life fragments of the village.


A reflection on Time, Thoughts and the Soul. A surreal story where the leading characters are the spectators, invited by the magical spaces to enjoy the slow taste of Time.




Premiere: 2012

Ab-Normal Life

Abelardo is a normal young man with a normal life in a extraordinarily big body, in a world that turns out being too small for him. The unusual and unexpected encounter with a Baby transforms Abelardo's existence in a total experience full of vitality, fear, surprises, passion, games, joy, poetry and pain.


Forty minutes seesawing between these emotions in a whirlwind of exhilarating events. Forty minutes that are worth a lifetime for those like Abelardo who cannot lose an opportunity to live.




Premiere: 2012

Blue moon

Where were you the day when the man reached the moon? It was on July 21, 1969, and that day Amedeo was alone at home. He had nothing to do and spent the day between the TV, his dog and his daily grind, dreaming of finding the love of his life. And suddenly he found it...


Blue Moon is a poetic show built from small actions and small absurdities. One show by clown and puppets explaining the daily life of a man in love with the moon. In scene, a real world and a miniature world sharing the stage at the end of 60's.


Premiere: 2010


London, sometime in the last century. Alfredo dreams of pizzas and women. Angelina dreams of slimming and being an artist. They meet, they marry. The arrival of their firstborn is unforgettable. But little do they suspect that sometimes the unforgettable can change our dreams...


Premiere: 2005



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