Directed by

     Lu Pulici


Music by

     Tankus the Henge


Art director

     Josep Piris


Scenic constructor

     Luca Fucili


Camera operator

     Bernardo Brizi



     Jaz Delorean



     Lu Pulici


Film editor & VFX

     Lu Pulici

     Josep Piris


Production assistant

     Giuseppe Giannini


Camera assistant

     Andrea Ravalli



     Lu Pulici

     Josep Piris



     Valentina Galli





Backstage photo

     Enrico Partisani




Lost in the deep and polluted ocean, the captain of a submarine is trying to find a  place for saving his friends and his little fish.


Tankus the Henge and Trukitrek have dreamt up an animation that is both beautiful in it’s design and poignant in its message dealing as it does with environmental issues, specifically the death of our oceans.


The film, made entirely using found or recycled materials, is a “Wake-up Machine” to those who view it, encouraging green and sustainable thinking to a society which needs to pay attention and affect real change before it’s too late.




Produced by: 22S Productions

Band: Tankus the Henge

Album: I crave affection baby but not when I drive

Length: 06'00''

Year: 2018



Grand Prize Short Film · Guro Kids Film Festival · Seoul, South Korea


Best Animated Film · Krakow Green Film Festival · Krakow, Poland


Best Music Video · Underground Cinema Short Film Awards · Dublin, Ireland


Best Music Video · Short to the Point Film Festival · Lasi, Romania


Best Music Video · Scopifest 2018 · Pamplona, Spain


Best Music Video · Tulum World Environment Film Festival · Tulum, Mexico


Best Music Video · Honor Film Festival · Lakeland (FL), USA


Best Music Video · Salento Film Festival · Tricase, Italy


Best Music Video · CortiSonanti Short Film Festival · Napoli, Italy


Best Visual Solution · Green Vision Film Festival · St. Petersburg, Russia


Best Original Soundtrack · Cryptshow Festival · Badalona, Spain


2nd Best Animation Film · Nature Film Festival Gödöllő · Budapest, Hungary


Jury Special Mention · Amarcort Film Festival · Rimini, Italy


Award nominee · The Vision Feast · Auckland, New Zealand


Award nominee · Annual CPH Film Festival · Copenhagen, Denmark


Award nominee · End of Days Film Festival · Orlando (FL), USA


Honorable Mention · Florida Animation Festival · Tallahassee (FL), USA


Honorable Mention · Asia South East-Short Film Festival · Phnom Penh, Cambodia



Clipped Music Video Festival · Sydney, Australia


Festival de Cine Ambiental · Buenos Aires, Argentina


Cinefantasy Fantastic Film Festival · São Paulo, Brazil


East Van Showcase: Underground · Vancouver, Canada


Motion Pictures Film Festival · Calgary, Canada


Festival de Cine Verde Festiver · Barichara, Colombia


The best of 10 years Festiver · Barichara, Colombia


Supertoon Animation Festival · Šibenik, Croatia


Okolišni Filmski Festival · Zagreb, Croatia


Portoviejo Film Festival · Portoviejo, Ecuador


Internationales Trickfilm Festival · Stuttgart, Germany


Kino auf der Burg · Esslingen, Germany


Cinemare Ocean Film Festival · Kiel, Germany


Green Motions Film Festival · Freiburg, Germany


Athens Animfest · Athens, Greece


Animation Marathon · Athens, Greece


Planet Budapest 2021 · Budapest, Hungary


SiciliAmbiente Film Festival · San Vito lo Capo, Italy


MedFF Mediterranean Film FestivaL · Siracusa, Italy


Cartoon on the Bay · Torino, Italy


Festival Corti da Sogni · Ravenna, Italy


Kimera Film Festival · Termoli, Italy


Cartoon Club Festival · Rimini, Italy


Pentedattilo Film Festival · Pentedattilo, Italy


Geo Film Festival · Cittadella, Italy


Fano Film Festival · Fano, Italy


Sulmona Film Festival · Sulmona, Italy


Slow Film Fest · Roma, Italy


The Day Before · Milano, Italy


Arab Forum for Environment and Development · Beirut, Lebanon


Festival of Environmental Films · Chefchaouen, Morocco


CineKasimanwa Film Festival · Roxas, Philippine


Bucharest Film Awards · Bucharest, Romania


Best Film Awards · Cluj-Napoca, Romania


The Galactic Imaginarium Film Festival · Dumbrăvița, Romania


Moscow Shorts ISFF · Moscow, Russia


Insomnia Animation Film Festival · Moscow, Russia


Visualis Film Festival · St. Petersburg, Russia


Ambitus Film Festival · St. Petersburg, Russia


Supertoon Summer Animateka · Ljubljana, Slovenia


Festival de Cinema · Girona, Spain


Ecozine Film Festival · Zaragoza, Spain


Firm Film Festival · Valladolid, Spain


Environmental Short Film Festival · Istanbul, Turkey


Leeds Film Festival · Leeds, UK


Canterbury Anifest · Canterbury, UK


SeeMôr Film Festival · Anglesey, UK


Sunday Shorts Film Festival · London, UK


Slumberjack Film Festival · Widnes, UK


Beeston Film Festival · Beeston, UK


Norfolk Film Festival · Norfolk, UK


Festival Internacional de Animación · Montevideo, Uruguay


Los Angeles CineFest · Los Angeles (CA), USA


Capital City Film Festival · Lansing (MI), USA


Highway 61 Film Festival · Pine City (MN), USA


Independent Talents Film Festival · Bloomington (IN), USA


Open World Animation Film Festival · Allentown (PA), USA


Princeton Environmental Film Festival · Princeton (NJ), USA


SEA Discovery Film Festival · Poulsbo (WA), USA


Soo Film Festival · Sault Ste. Marie (MI), USA


Fargo Fantastic Film Festival · Fargo (ND), USA


Big Muddy Film Festival · Carbondale (IL), USA


NatureTrack Film Festival · Los Olivos (CA), USA


Trenton Film Festival · Trenton (NJ), USA


an Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest · Burbank (CA), USA

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