I Racconti della Lumaca (Snail tales) is a guided-tour show. An itinerant performance that enriches the classical touristic visit with animations, scenographic moments, and sensorial stimulations. Set in the five "places of the soul" of Pennabilli and its historical center, this voyage offers stories and life fragments of the village combining culture, tourism and theatre in a poetical context.

A small group of spectators is accompanied by a special guide along the route leading to the historical center of Pennabilli: immersed in a journey in company of fantastic characters inspired by the poetries of Master Tonino Guerra, they will discover the ancient and recent secrets of Pennabilli's story.

A reflection on Time, Thoughts and the Soul. Based on the haste that obliges us to not wait anymore, to never stop to listen to what our inner voices have to say. A travel that talks of time and thoughts that will follow us along the intimate and rocky paths of Pennabilli. A surreal story where the leading characters are the spectators, invited by the magical spaces to enjoy the slow taste of Time.