Actors: Kiko Lozano, Magda Mañé, Roberto di Lernia, Josep Piris, Lola Pérez & Lu Pulici.

Illustrations: Raffaella Brusaglino.

Marionette: Viktor Kučera.

Multimedia editing: Josep Piris.

Costume designer and make-up: Raffaella Brusaglino.

Script: Lu Pulici & Josep Piris.

Direction and original music: Lu Pulici.

Production: Trukitrek Espectacles.

Premiere: 2011


Genre: Tragicomedy.

Audience: Family, from 7 years.

Duration: 70 minutes.

Language: None.

Actors: 6.

Suitable for: Stage.

Maximum capacity: 700 persons.

Set up time and make-up: 4 h.

Bump out time: 2 h.




· Minimum 10m wide x 8m deep. From floor to ceiling minimum 4m high.


· Mini-jack cable to connect the PA to a laptop that will be located on the stage.

· 1 Sound monitor on the stage.


· 10 PC with barndoor.

· 4 ETC.

· 7 PAR with blue filter.

· DMX-512 cable to connect the dimmers to the lighting desk of the company that will be located on the stage.

· Electricity point for a laptop and the lighting desk on the stage.

Dressing room:

· Mirror, good lighting, drinking water and toilet near the scenic space.