Summertime. Some far away port town. A little hotel by the sea. Guests and servants don't suspect that those days will change their lives...

Hôtel Crab is a comedy full of surprises, passions and misunderstandings. The story takes place in Russia at a time that is neither real nor in the present. The atmosphere is dream-like and expressly artificial, in order to provoke a certain curiosity in the spectator.

Hôtel Crab is the story of a hotel where nothing ever happens, as well as the story of a newly arrived guest. Unexpected events will break the monotony of this peculiar place. A midnight robbery take everybody by surprise and will change the course of events for all the characters.

Hôtel Crab is a puppet show for adults, a story without words that makes use of theatrical language in a way reminiscent of silent film.


· 2009 * Best Performance Award * World Festival of Puppet Art · PRAGUE (Czech Republic)

· 2009 * Best Performance Award * Wander Theater Festival · RADEBEUL (Germany)

· 2010 * Jury's Special Mention * Luglio Bambino Festival · CAMPI BISENZIO (Italy)