The Catalan company Trukitrek has born in 1998. Its members came from different artistic backgrounds. They joined with the idea of forming a travelling company of puppet theatre.

The company specializes in producing shows that combining gestural theatre with the world of puppetry. The gestural theatre provides a universal type of humour, based on the interpretation of the actors. And the puppets technique brings wealth and dynamism to the show.

The company works with different techniques of manipulating puppets, from classic puppet thread, till direct manipulation of puppets. Notably the style "humanette", where the characters are half and half human and puppet.

The performances of the company propose a comic staging without words, where puppets, music and visual poetry are constant elements.

The mime as universal language and the original scenic proposal, have led the company to several international tours. Trukitrek has performed its shows in 32 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Trukitrek also participate as co-producer on shows of other companies.