: : . UNFORGETTABLE (2005)

London, sometime in the last century. Alfredo dreams of pizzas and women. Angelina dreams of slimming and being an artist. They meet, they marry. The arrival of their firstborn is unforgettable. But little do they suspect that sometimes the unforgettable can change our dreams... unless we can forget the unforgettable.

Unforgettable is a musical comedy with spice: love, desire, jealousy and nightmares in a very latin family.

Unforgettable is a show created by the company in collaboration with the Italian illustrator Raffaella Brusaglino, a show in three dimensions: actors, living puppets and cartoon join together in the same story.

The characters change from puppets to real size, from real size to cartoon and vice versa, in a dynamic and amused choreography. A choice musical selection drives the story, where the lyrics of the songs, the cartoons and the projected intertitles form the script of this comedy.


· 2007 * Jury's Special Mention * Fira de Titelles · LLEIDA (Spain)



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