Actor: Roberto di Lernia.

Set design and puppetry: Lu Pulici & Josep Piris.

Director: Lu Pulici.

Idea and production: Trukitrek Espectacles.

Premiere: 2010



Genre: Comedy.

Audience: Show for adults, apt for children.

Duration: 40 minutes.

Language: Non verbal.

Actors: 1.

Technicians: 1.

Suitable for: Street or stage.

Maximum capacity: 200 persons.

Set up time: 3 h.

Bump out time: 1:30 h.




· Minimum 6m wide x 4m deep. From floor to ceiling minimum 3m high.

· For outdoor stage, in case of rain or intense sun, protective covering for the stage is essential.


· 1000 Watt PA.

· Mini-jack cable to connect the audio player.

· 1 Sound monitor on the stage.

Lighting (indoor or night):

· 6 PC in frontal lighting-bar.

· 4 PAR in frontal lighting-bar.

· 1 PPC on the stage.

· 1 blue filter.

Dressing room:

· Mirror, good lighting, drinking water and toilet near the scenic space.