Lost in the deep and polluted ocean, the captain of a submarine is trying to find a  place for saving his friends and his little fish.


Tankus the Henge and Trukitrek have dreamt up an animation that is both beautiful in it’s design and poignant in its message dealing as it does with environmental issues, specifically the death of our oceans.


The film, made entirely using found or recycled materials, is a “Wake-up Machine” to those who view it, encouraging green and sustainable thinking to a society which needs to pay attention and affect real change before it’s too late.

Grand Prize Short Film Guro Kids Film Festival Seoul, South Korea


Best Music Video Underground Cinema Short Film Awards Dublin, Ireland


Best Music Video Short to the Point Film Festival Lasi, Romania


Best Music Video Scopifest 2018 Pamplona, Spain


2nd Best Animation Film Nature Film Festival Gödöllő Budapest, Hungary


Award nominee The Vision Feast Auckland, New Zealand


Award nominee Annual CPH Film Festival Copenhagen, Denmark


Honorable Mention Florida Animation Festival Tallahassee (FL), USA


Honorable Mention Asia South East-Short Film Festival Phnom Penh, Cambodia



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Lu Pulici


Jaz Delorean


Josep Piris


Lu Pulici

Josep Piris


Luca Fucili


Lu Pulici


Bernardo Brizi


Josep Piris

Lu Pulici



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Jaz Delorean


Michael Charles


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