This short film has been a global collaboration, co-produced by Italian film company 22S Productions. This is the official music video of the track Can You Decide written by the Manchester (UK) singer song writer, Jon Kenzie. All the puppets and sceneries have been recycled and skillfully crafted from waste materials.


This is the story of a lonely robot musician who is struggling between the desire to travel and play music throughout the galaxy or go back home to be with the one he loves.


Best Online Animation SICAF Cartoon & Animated Festival Seoul - South Korea


Music Video Special Mention Leeds International Film Festival Leeds - UK


Best Foreign Music Video Soo Film Festival Michigan - USA


Best New Media Trenton Film Festival Trenton - USA


Best Music Video Windsor International Film Festival Windsor - USA


Best Music Video Girona Film Festival Girona - Spain


Best Music Video Zerotrenta Corto Festival Argenta - Italy


Best Music Video 35th Sulmona International Film Festival Sulmona - Italy


Best Music Video Visioni Corte Film Festival Minturno - Italy


Best Music Video Cortosplash Film Festival Rotondella - Italy


2nd Best Music Video FARCUME Film Festival Faro - Portugal


Award Nominee SciFi Film Festival Sydney - Australia



Directed by




Art Direction






Camera operator







Edition & VFX





Lu Pulici


Jon Kenzie


Josep Piris


Luca Fucili

Lu Pulici

Josep Piris


Bernardo Brizi


Roberto Agostino

Letizia Valenti


Lu Pulici


Bernardo Brizi

Josep Piris

Lu Pulici


Lu Pulici

Josep Piris

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